Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To Work We Go

                If you managed to conquer my second novel of a blog post, you will have already read about the work that I’m going to be doing here at True Men for the summer. But after working at the organisation and with my colleagues for almost a month now, I think that I can give you a better look.
Sign out front
                The work that Thomas, Fais and I are doing is still very self-directed. Our boss Kabo has given us pretty much a free rein which is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we need to keep pushing ourselves to start working on different projects, because no one is going to tell us what to do. And the atmosphere in the office doesn’t help much; everyone is very laid back and there is no talk about meetings or deadlines. It is a fun game to look around and try to guess which people are actually doing True Men work and who is just taking advantage of the free internet! Some people are definitely more consistent in wasting time.
                The interns are a different story all together! Besides me, Fais and Thomas, there is Bettina, Oabaloka, Lebogang, and Shanganane (Shaks). And we get shit done! Last week on Wednesday and Thursday we ran a workshop for all the Peer Educators working for True Men. Lebogang was the “Master of Ceremonies”, Bettina and Oabaloka presented on Counselling and Group Counselling, Thomas talked about Professionalism, Communication and Presentation Skills, I went over Sensitivity Training, and Fais wrapped up with Mental Preparation and some stats and facts about HIV/AIDS. Even though me Fais and Thomas presented in English, the rest was in Setswana, so sometimes it was hard to keep track of what the Peer Educators were saying. They all seemed to find the Myths about HIV funny though...”washing with Coca Cola can prevent HIV got a huge laugh on both days. Fais had to remind everyone that people actually believe these things!
The True Men Office
                Next on our list is to keep working on developing the website, brochure, and newsletter, as well as planning out some internal development projects. Hopefully Kabo continues to be happy with the work we’re doing!

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