Monday, 8 August 2011

Friday July 29th, 2011

"Sitting on the bus the six hours melted together and moulded into one passage of time that felt like nothingless. Squeezed between the window and the living wall of the woman beside me, her baby's hand dropping onto my knee, I listened to the chatter and laughter floating within the confines of the bus. Solitude can be learned. It is an attitude, a state of mind; not the absence of other physical beings. Sitting on the bus today surrounded by people and noises and smells, I drifted into a state of serene solitude. Everything faded into the background and I was left alone with my thoughts. The "unfettered
freedom" of a roaming mind.

"Stepping off the bus and int the waiting embrace and laughter of Chloe and Lyndsay. Time stops standing still and moves in overdrive. Silent solitude is traded in for the comfort of companions. Catching up. Making plans. Sunset drinks at the Chobe Marina Lodge; the red African sun the backdrop to our reunion tour. Home for dinner. Quiet conversation with Mma Zilla -softer than anticipated. Retreat to our quarters. More catching up, and making plans. Questions overlap each other and the ease of friendship fills the room. Dogs barking. Music blaring. People talking. The lullably of Kasane ebbs and flows in the dark on the other side of the window curtain. Tomorrow is a day of "national cultural celebration"- Namibian style."

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