Friday, 5 August 2011

This is Our City

Bettina, Fais, and Thomas posing during our rooftop photoshoot
Two weekends ago (as in before this past weekend) Team Francistown actually stayed in Francistown. We spent the weekend relaxing and walking around the city. Treating ourselves to Indian for lunch, we had entertainment with the meal watching Bettina hesitate to try the different dishes. At Galo Mall we watched a fashion show which featured multitudes of bright coloured satin and crinoline. After leaving the pouting models and haute couture behind, we walked out into the parking lot and smack dab into a rap battle. Complete with hard core chirping and a rowdy crowd, we watched a couple of amazing, and a few lacking, performances. Thomas said that he could do it and spent the rest of the day attempting to freestyle. The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling around and finally climbing up to the highest floor of the tallest building in Francistown to get a view of the city and have a quick photoshoot. Our first whole weekend in Francistown since arriving was lazy but well spent.
This is our city.    

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