Friday, 5 August 2011

Team True Men

Fais and Thomas both love soccer/football. But when they told the guys here at True Men that, they basically got laughed out of the office. For some reason it seemed to be very hard for our colleagues to imagine that these students from Canada would be able to handle the ball at all. Fais and Thomas defended themselves as best they could, and said they would love to play a game with the True Men team if a chance came along.

I have better pictures, but not of the two of them in one frame!
We've been travelling almost every weekend (well, every weekend except for one) so there was never any time for the boys to join in on any games. But two weeks ago, after work on Monday, they finally got the chance to prove themselves.

Donning True Men red, they took to the field and did us proud; with Fais scoring two goals and Thomas playing a tough defense. To read a first hand account go to and see what Thomas thought of the game. I played cheerleader/photographer from the sidelines, and only put down my camera when there was no light left from the already set sun. More pictures to come soon!  

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